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With the rising concerns and media coverage surrounding youth athletics, sport specialization, concussions, and other sport related injuries, the AATA wants to partner with other state associations to show our support of safety in athletics. Sport participation is important for our youth as it encourages socialization, improved mental performance, discipline, and lays the groundwork for an active lifestyle past high school. However, it is vital that these athletes have access to the proper tools to maintain their physical and emotional health. Athletic trainers (ATs) are key components in this aspect as they specialize in prevention, emergency care, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. They make sports safer by collaborating with coaches, administration, and other ATs to develop and implement injury prevention programs, concussion return to play/learn protocols, emergency action plans, and injury education. A recent study was conducted to determine the injury rate in schools with and without an AT. "Our study provides data which supports the positive impact of high school ATs in reducing overall and recurrent injury rates and better identifying athletes with concussions. Thus, our findings provide evidence-based support for these position statements calling for greater AT coverage for high school athletes." (Pierpoint et al., 2018)

The AATA is excited to expand their Safety in Athletics campaign to reach the very important and high risk sport, football! The 2018 Safety in Football Campaign is set to run starting Friday, September 7th through Friday September 21st. These dates also coincide with Washington's campaign to inspire participation, networking, and maximum media coverage.

Alaska's football season starts earlier than most, therefore we encourage schools, coaches, administration, and athletic trainers to spread the knowledge of the athletic training profession from the beginning of the season! If you need ideas, feel free to contact us at

In order to participate, your school must be under the care of an athletic trainer. With that requirement fulfilled, please fill out the form below and we will send you stickers and the 2018 PR Toolkit Packet! The stickers are to be placed on the helmets to represent the AT that works for your team. 



Thank you for your participation and support of not only our association, but the entire profession of athletic training! 

2018 Safety in Football PR Toolkit


Visit the following pages for more information/tools that can help your season be successful!


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