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Statistically ice hockey is one of the hardest hitting sport in the world. There is no wonder why concussions, head and neck injuries, and rare fatalities are topics when talking about safety of the sport.  Therefore, Alaska high schools, universities, and other programs are joining the efforts of the Alaska Athletic Trainers’ Association (AATA) by sponsoring the 2019 “Safety in Hockey Campaign.”

Beginning Sunday, January 6th – Saturday, January 12th, 2019, participating hockey programs will be donning a small sticker on the back of each player’s helmet.  The sticker represents the cumulative efforts of these schools, programs and the Alaska Athletic Trainers’ Association towards improving the overall safety of all sports in Alaska.

In order to participate, your school/program must be under the care of an athletic trainer.

Campaign Details

Mission: The mission of the AATA Safety in Hockey Campaign is to promote the health, safety and well-being of each student-athlete at every level across the state.

Goals: Educate those in the state of Alaska, who have an interest in the sport of hockey, on the importance of safety and what measures those individuals can do to achieve the highest level of safety within their programs. The secondary goal of this campaign is to promote the athletic training profession and its importance to safety in all sports, with the focus on hockey.

Plan to achieve goals: The AATA will use a clear and direct multidimensional approach to the campaign. The AATA will utilize person-to-person communication, handouts, various media outlets and helmet stickers to reach a target audience that includes parents, administration, coaches and student-athletes.

Social Media: The AATA will post handouts and other resources on their social media accounts. Please print those out and post them in locker rooms and/or other areas throughout your facility for educational purposes. Most handouts would also be great in the hands of parents, administrators and coaches. Take pictures, write posts, share AATA posts and be sure to tag your school/university/program and the AATA by using the tags below:


Facebook:  Alaska Athletic Trainers’ Association         

Twitter: @AK_AthTrnAssoc  

Ordering Stickers: Please email Michael Dhesse, AATA PR Chairman with the number of stickers you will need and color. Please only order for your varsity team.

Sticker options are pictured below:

Helmet stickers.JPG

Visit the following pages for more information/tools that can help your season be successful!