• To become an athletic trainer you must complete the following:

PRogram choices

Bachelors vs Masters Programs

Athletic Training programs have begun the transition from a Bachelors to a Masters requirement, therefore many programs are no longer accepting applicants to their bachelors programs, however there are many still open and enrolling students until after fall 2022. The two common programs available for the masters route are a 3 year undergraduate, 2 year masters program or the traditional 2 year entry level masters program.

The professional degree change decision was made after extensive research done by the Athletic Training Strategic Alliance to raise the educational standard to align better with other healthcare practitioners like physical therapists, physician assistants, and physicians. 


Post graduate options

Graduate Assistant (GA) positions are essentially for newly certified ATs that are looking to get their masters degree and clinical practice experience at the same time. Typically, students apply during their senior year of their bachelors program and are accepted on the condition they pass their BOC exam. A GA position offers a great way for a young professional to gain experience and confidence as an AT while directly under a clinical adviser. Most GA positions cover tuition costs and may provide a small monthly stipend, though not all will. You can find GA positions under the NATA career center .

  • Though currently these positions are still available, they will be phased out with the degree change that occurs in 2022. 

CAATE residency programs do not coincide with any degree work specifically, however, they do provide advanced learning in special areas and may include certificates based on coursework completed.