A collection of resources designed specifically for you! The National Athletic Trainers' Association is a great resource for athletic trainers, here are a few valuable services and programs


ATS Care - A peer to peer support program

The ATs Care program is designed to offer crisis management training opportunities for athletic trainers dealing with the aftermath of a critical incident. The mission of the ATs Care Committee is to aid ATs and AT students who have been through a critical incident by utilizing a peer-to peer-system to assist, monitor and encourage these individuals to seek initial support through state or regional ATs Care teams. Click HERE to download their critical incident stress management handout.

A study conducted by NATA found that 82% of members surveyed felt they were not prepared to deal with psychological impact of catastrophic events. In 2014, the NATA Board of Directors approved the development of a peer-to-peer support program to assist members in the aftermath of a critical incident or catastrophic event. The program, ATs Care, offers training opportunities to athletic trainers from a leading organization in crisis management training. The training enables members to enhance their knowledge of crisis intervention in order to equip them to support their peers in the aftermath of a critical incident.

If you or someone you know responds to an emergency or experiences a traumatic event, please contact ATs Care. Critical incidents can cause stress that can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). While it is normal to have an emotional reaction, most of us will need assistance processing these new emotions. Our teams have been trained to help you deal with these challenging situations.

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nata leadership academy

The NATA Leadership Academy was developed to encourage emerging and advanced association leaders to hone their skills. The academy will offer certificates that provide structured, systematic educational and training experiences. The academy will also offer short on-demand courses that assist users in honing their skills in specific areas of interest. 

A 12- to 24-month certificate program targeted to NATA members who are interested in pursuing leadership at the state, district or national level. The Leadership Development Certificate application is open to all NATA members who are and remain in good standing, have a National Provider Identifier and who attain their state and district leadership's approval. Young professionals are especially encouraged to participate as this will help set them on a path to leadership within the profession. Complete the Leadership Development Enrollment Application to apply (pdf).

All descriptions and links are directly from the NATA, we do not own any of this content.

practice and patient care

An excellent resource for more information on current health topics (concussion, sickle cell, heat stroke, sudden cardiac arrest etc), research resources, risk and liability (including a NATA liability tool kit), and revenue and reimbursement information. 


Other great NATA Resources!

The Business of Athletic Training: This includes a webinar link, scope of practice, and sample contracts!

NATA Salary Survey: The NATA Salary Survey is conducted every two years with the goal of providing NATA members with the data they need in negotiating with current and prospective employers. 

Educational Resources and Tools for ATs: A wide array of topics such as AT Strategic Alliance, leadership development, and professional development center.

Professional Interests: Information on various job settings, emerging settings, and other member specific distinctions.

Position Statements: Scientifically based, peer reviewed research with a team of authors who are experts on the subject. The NATA Pronouncements Committee has oversight over position statements.