All athletic trainers must meet the following requirements to practice regardless of setting or level.


BOC Certified - Requirements listed below

  • Graduation from a CAATE accredited athletic training program

  • Pass the BOC exam

  • Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) certification

  • Uphold the Standards of Professional Practice

  • Complete continuing education courses. This includes submitting current ECC cards and 50 CEUs every 2 years.

  • To view details on maintaining certification, please follow this link. 


Licensed by the state being practiced in. California is the only state exempt from licensure as their legislation is still in progress.

Click HERE for a link to the Alaska state license application. 

Athletic trainers MUST be under the direction of a physician as per licensure laws.

Find your AT

Athletic Trainer Registry: check here to see if your athletic trainer is licensed under the Alaska state law.