Your Role as a Team Physician

A team physician is a critical element to any sports team or school. They provide extensive knowledge in their field and complete the sports medicine-


interested in becoming a team physician? 

As with any new addition to a team, it is important to determine what your role as a physician will be. All states (with the exception of California) legally require active athletic trainers to be supervised by a physician. As such, you will need to determine what your supervisory role will be, your standing orders, liability, event coverage, and accessibility and communication. The National Athletic Trainers' Association has developed guidelines with these specific topics explained.  When choosing to be a Team Physician, it is important to consider what you can bring to the team in terms of time, sports medicine experience and event attendance, not just consider the business it may bring your practice. Becoming a Team Physician is about building a trusting relationship with athletes, coaches, athletic trainers and parents. 

Concussion in sports

Being able to identify, properly treat, then return an athlete to play after a concussion is crucial to reducing the risk of secondary impact syndrome, post concussion syndrome (PCS), and decreasing long term risks like chronic traumatic encephalopothy (CTE). In the last ten years, concussions have been gaining more publicity and research on concussions and their long term effect has increased dramatically. A concussion falls under the traumatic brain injury category, defined as concussion as a ‘‘trauma induced alteration in mental status that may or may not involve loss of consciousness.’’ Concussions are no longer graded, as one either has a concussion or doesn't, and in athletics best practice dictates all concussions follow a graded Return to Play Protocol. Below are Quick Links to current state and nationwide concussion protocols as well as statements from major medical organizations in regards to the most current treatment of sports concussions. 

Quick Links

NATA Concussion Infographic Handout

ASAA Concussion Release Form

NCAA Concussion Protocol

NFL Concussion Protocol

AOSSM Concussion Statement

AMSSM Concussion Statement




Wrestling Skin Conditions/Weight certifications

You may see patients in your practice that are looking for weight certifications or clearance from skin conditions.  It is important to note, ASAA has provided a specific form that should be used for diagnosis/clearance of skin conditions and early season weight certification.  Each of these forms are available at the following links:

ASAA Release for Wrestlers Skin Lesions

ASAA Weight Certification